A month of 5 minute videos that you can all enjoy every day...

We may not be able to do yoga at school for the foreseeable future, but I’m sure you’ll agree that we need yoga and mindfulness more than ever right now to minimise the impact and disruption to the lives of our little ones.

Happy and focused children

Happy kids = happy parents and vice versa

The tools and techniques in these lessons are incredibly effective for maintaining calm, happy and focused children. Anxiety could be higher than normal with the current uncertainty and change of routine for our little ones. We have designed these sessions for kids of all ages to enjoy every day with the aim of helping you put some time to positive use by helping your children learn new skills that they can apply to all areas of their life.

What you will get...

Access to 31 online lessons with an easy to use secure login. You can clearly see your progress with the lessons and where you need to jump back in.

  • Works nicely on all devices, phones, iPads and laptops

  • You just need access to the internet and the lessons can be viewed as many times as you like

  • Each video is about 5 minutes long, so can easily be squeezed into a busy day

  • No prior experience is required

  • A yoga mat would be great but if you don't have one a blanket, towel or carpet are all ok

  • Lessons include yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques all promoting positive mental helalth

All you need is the willingness to have fun...

Our sessions are intended to bring the fun, laughter and relaxation we usually enjoy in face to face classes right to your home. To get access – simply click on the link below and set up your account, follow the payment instructions and then the course will be ready for you to access for your first session. It’s a one off payment so there is no minimum commitment required as we adapt to the changing circumstances.

What people are saying

Creative, imaginative, relaxing...

by Dawn Jackson

Creative, imaginative, relaxing... my 4 year old loves it and I highly recommend Jen.

Promoting positive mental health

by Louise Embury

My 7 year old daughter loves her sessions with Jen. Jen has an incredibly calm and welcoming demeanour which put her at ease very quickly. Jen teaches techniques for strength and relaxation which will help in every day life. More importantly, the classes have a focus on promoting positive mental health. Jen teaches practical ways to focus and calm their minds which will only prove more and more useful as my daughter gets older.

Must do for any busy family

by Natalie Persoglio

Happy Kids Yoga is a must-do for any busy family. Learn key techniques for helping your kids to wind-down before bed, practise mindfulness in stressful situations and stretches/poses to set them up for a brilliant day ahead. Jen is a great teacher with a natural ability to understand the busyness of life and how to create a calm and peaceful environment. I recommend Jen’s course, it’s easy to follow, simple to implement in your everyday life and Jen, as a busy mum, is completely on your wavelength.

Please do email us if you are struggling to pay, we want all kids to be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga and mindfulness at this time

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Meet your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Jen Hoe

Business founder and mother of two, Jen is a qualified yoga teacher with over ten years experience in building and delivering yoga and mindfulness courses for adults and children.